zmail and PGP

Here comes a little zmail script, which you have to source in your ~/.zmailrc
some parts of this script which are made by me aren't tested enough. i also don't know zmail enough. at the moment this works for me under SunOS 5.4
Features :
I found another Script at this URL, which has lots of other Scripts, too.
the current Cadence-internal Z-Mail FAQ
Here is something for Windows
Ron Marlowe gave me kindly the following Information about this Script. HTH

There is a SERIOUS error in the script, though.  Perhaps this is because 
it is nearly 2 years old.  I'll pass it on to you as it took me quite 
some time to debug.
In both send_encrypted and send_signed, there is a command:
mail -Q ...
This is improper syntax.  It should be (in both scripts):
mail -H ...
Hope this helps someone else!
Ron Marlowe               

Aldo Valente
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